Projections have been used extensively within a wide variety of theatre settings, but have their limits. Any natural or artificial lighting creates a faded, insipid image, no matter what the projector quality. With our LED Screens being their own light source, they can enhance a lighting plot, with the benefit of keeping a crisp and quality image. Being 5400 lumens, the EasyFlex 6 screen has the ability to dominate the stage, from a silhouette-enducing bright white through to a full variety of stunning effects, videos and images, no matter what size theatre space you are performing in.
But there is no reason to stop at just one screen! The advantage of the EasyFlex 6 and EasyFlex 3 screens is that they can be combined in many different ways and sizes  on stage, flown in on different bars, hung in different configurations, or erected on our range of truss systems. Upgrade from traditional stage scenery and let our screens allow you to create a jaw-dropping background for your theatre production. Just add  imagination!